Saturday, January 23, 2010

They made it safely to Ethiopia!

Amber emailed me at 2:06 pm our time today... "We made it to Ethiopia. Long journey but we are excited to be here." I will call them later tonight and get more of an update but that is all the news I have so far. On another note, I want to be sure to document everything Ayana does while Rick, Amber, and Savvy are gone so they can see what's been going on while they are gone doing God's work.

Day One with Ayana: I put her down last night at 8 and she went right to sleep. I woke up at 3AM and changed her diaper while she was sleeping in her crib. Since she was sleeping, I was trying to be as delicate as possible to not wake her. So I decided to not put her jammie bottoms back on her. I thought I was smart in doing this but when I went in this morning at 8, she had taken her diaper off and peed in the crib! Needless to say, I got to change and wash sheets today!! The rest of the day was far less eventful...bath in the morning and we chilled at the house most of the day until we went to Johhny Carino's for dinner with the Dudleys. That's basically it for the day. Now I'm about to get her ready for bedtime. Let's hope she sleeps through the night again! -Lindsay

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Amber said...

oh yeah, I forgot to warn you about the diaper thing. :)

I may not be able to get on blogger again, its hit and miss so thank you for posting for us. It makes us feel great to know what A is up to. Thanks again for everything!