Thursday, January 28, 2010

Email from Amber!!

"We miss Ayana so bad!!!!! But we are glad we didn't bring her. Too many risks to have her here. The polution is so bad that when I blow my nose, black comes out.
This morning we were at the prostitution ministry and this evening we rode out to a village outside the city where one american missionary couple are. They have started a ministry for the children to school and feed them. It felt like we were on National geographic.

It was a remote village with no electricity or water and they live in mud huts. They held a ceremony for the whole village to bless a new peice of land that they aquired to build a new school for more children. The school is about the size of ourt master bath and closet and it holds at least 20 children. CRAZY! The elders of the community were there to bless the land and to tell the people what was going to happen. They slaughtered an ox and cut it up and put it on a hige platter and used their hands to pass it out to everyone to eat, RAW! I didn't want to be rude but we just could not do it! They also cooked some of it but they were so dirty that I just couldn't eat it either.

They all ate like vultures becasue they hadn't eaten in days. Our group supplied the missionaries with the money to buy bread and the ox for the viallge to eat. Seeing the children there was devastating. They had ripped clothes and were so dirty. Some of the children had fungus growing on their heads and some of their skin looked unrecognizable. Some were covered in scabies and other skin infections. I felt guilty for feeling this way, but I was freaking out on the inside. You know that I am a germaphobe and I was absolutely freakin out on the inside for hours. It was horrible. We couldn't help everyone, there was just too many of them. It was so hard.
On the way home, we stopped at the pharmacy and got scabies creme. My skin is absolutley crawling!!!!

I have so much more to tell but I am so tired. Call when you want, no matter what time. We love you guys and miss you so bad!

Give Ayana a big hug and kiss for us! Love you,

Amber, Rick, Savannah"

That's all I have for now. I'm going to try and call after I get home from work so Ayana can talk too.


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