Monday, January 25, 2010

Email from Amber...

We tried to answer the phone when you called but we kept losing connection. How is A doing? We miss her real bad.

Today we went to a drop in center where they run a place for kids who have lost a parent or both and need somewhere to go. This was not an ophange but a place they can go to school and get fed. They go home at the end of the day to a relative. They were all extremely poor but so happy for us to be there to spend the day with them. When we got out of the van, over 100 children bombarded us. They were so appreciative to have someone spend time with them. They looked as if they had not bathed in months and their clothes and shoes were torn. The smell was bad but I remebered that God hung out with the people no one else would hang out with. They were precious human beings. The kids loved Savvy's hair. They kept touching it and trying to braid it. We were able to give a lot fo donations, including much needed shoes.

Later in the afternoon, we tried to visit Toukoul, the orphanage where A was adopted from. Even though we had an appointment, they would not let us see the children at all. It was very disappointing. I may try again later in the week as I don't plan to give up that easy.

Love you



ashley said...

I have been reading your blog since before you brought your daughter home. I am so excited! I did not realize that she was from Toukol! That is the orphanage that our agency uses also and I have not come across many who have children from there. I would love to know more if you have a chance to share about the place. Hope your trip is blessed beyond measure!

Kat said...

Praying you get to visit Toukoul Amber. I would love to hear how it goes...literally, praying!

Leah said...

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time. Toukoul is the orphanage I am adopting from as well. Can't wait. :-D