Sunday, January 31, 2010

They are on their way home!

They got on the first of two planes on their way home 8 hours ago. They will land at DFW on Monday afternoon. Ayana and I are so excited that we can almost pee in our pants...Well, actually Ayana does still pee in her pants but I break that habit a long time ago! We just got back from church and Ayana is down for her nap. We looked like twinkies today at church: we both had on dark wash jeans and cream colored sweaters and we are two curly headed babes! We were so efficient in getting ready this morning that we went to the grocery store before chruch! Ayana had a hard time sleeping last night because she was up a few times. I would hear her babble for a few minutes and then she would go right back to sleep. She was wide awake at 5AM though so I changed her diaper, made a bottle and she went right back down until 9AM. Yesterday we went to see my mom becasue I had to get a tax document that arrived there in the mail. We all went out to lunch at Cheddars and Ayana was so cute. When the waitress walked up to get our order, Ayana would point at herself and say "Ayaya, Ayaya, Ayaya" like she was introducing herself. It was hilarious. She did that to anyone who stopped at our table. The rest of the day we just chilled at the house and played with toys. She had a hard fall yesterday and tripped on the carpet and went face first on to a toy and then the ground. She was screaming and crying so loudly it scared the bajesus outta me! I was standing a few feet away when she fell and it looked like it really hurt too. But after a few tears and 5 minutes of consoling, she was all smiles and giggles and back to playing and not even a mark to show her fall thank goodness! That's all for now...we are counting down the hours until Amber, Rick, and Savvy get home!!!!!

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Sherry said...

Amber, I have been reading your blog from start to finish for the last two days. My husband and I adopted a little boy from Uganda just months before you brought your precious little one home. He was 19 months on the first. I love to hear stories from other adoptive parents. We are also in the DFW area and are considering adopting another child from Ethiopia. I would love to talk to you when you have a moment. Please email me when you get rested from your trip and I will send you my telephone number.