Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boyd Update...

I haven't been able to post in a while. Lots going on as usual. This is the first time I have had my computer on at night all week. It is a deliberate effort to put family first over work and any other distractions. Rick and I have been working hard at making sure our priorities are God, each other and family. This is easier said than done and requires sacrifice of some of the things you normally have time for. It has been hard, I won't lie and a daily effort. I honestly don't think Balance exists. I think it is a daily effort of counterbalance. It is all worth it though! God blesses those who follow His word and we are BLESSED!

Family recap:

Rick and Amber: Work is still busy! Bottom line is that we both have stressful jobs that require a lot out of us. We are doing our best to manage the stress.
We changed churches a little while back and we are really enjoying it. We are also connected in a small group. The current topic is class called, Marriage on the Rock.This is a 10 week course of videos and a workbook that each couple goes through that asks some GREAT questions. It has been AWESOME! I think all married couples, no matter what stage in life, should take it.
We are attempting to have a weekly date night. So far, we are on week 3!
Also, our anniversary is on Tuesday. We have been married 8 years!

Savannah: Savvy has been busy with school and cheer. This coming week is homecoming week and the 8th grade cheerleaders will be featured on their own float in the High School Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally. They also have their first competition in competitive cheer on Nov 8th so they are in full swing.

She will be going to a church conference for teens at the end of October so she is trying to find ways to raise money for that.

Rick and I really aren't happy with the school that she is going to so we are praying hard about whether or not she should go to Christian school. This is a big decision that we will not make quickly and we are talking with Savvy about it a lot and value her input as well.

The cheer squad had team pictures and they were on location at an old Texas Barn. They had pictures in uniform and one in western wear. I do not have the professional ones back yet but I did manage to take a few shots on my camera between shots. They are below with a few other random shots of her with some friends....she looks so grown up. I hate that! I am so proud to have her as my daughter!

Ayana: A is doing really well. She has Exema on her face and her skin is very dry. The docotr suggested we use The Eucerin Calming creme has worked really well. She has bad allergies but medication seems to have it under control. She is very active and into everything! She is absolutely solid, like a linebacker. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is displaying her independence more each day and can be very stubborn. She has started getting up in the middle of the night wanting to play and thinks its cute. Ughhh, not so much.
We turned in our 6 month post placement report to our agency finally. (a little late since we have been home 7 months and 3 weeks)
"A" will be 17 months on the 16th.
She is such a joy to watch each day. Her personality is developing more and more. One of the most recent things she does is to notice anytime there is a camera in the room and she puts on the total cheese! She looks up and crinkles her nose and squints her eyes and smiles. What a HAM! See for yourself....

In closing, I miss my family really bad! None of them live in Texas and I am really feeling it this week. Love you guys! I know I have been busy but I think of you always.
Happy birthday to my brother Josh and sister Autumn. Also Happy Anniversary to Autumn and Kyle who got married one day before Rick and I did.