Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 2

Last night A woke up at 3AM so I came downstairs, put a bottle in microwave, waited for 48 seconds to pass and when I went to grab the bottle, it slipped out of my hands and splashed all the way down to the ground. It went down the double ovens, onto the cabinets, all over the floor & all over me...EVERYWHERE! Ayana was crying, I was drenched in milk and it was 3AM. All I could do was put another bottle in the microwave, change A, and clean up! I may have said a few choice words along the way but after one diaper, 2 bottles, a few kitchen towels, and a quick shower and a fresh pair of jammies for me, it was back to catching some zzzz's. Ayana woke up at 9. We ate breakfast and called Rick and Amber. I spoke to them briefly last night and they wanted to talk to A but it was 10:30pm our time so I told them I would call them back today so they could talk to Ayana. I called them twice but there was no answer. So I gave A and bath we got ready for church. While we were upstairs getting ready, they called my cell phone twice but I didn't notice the call until we came back downstairs. We called them again and finally Rick answered the phone. We got disconnected after 30 seconds so we called back and got to speak for about three minutes before getting disconnected. A got to talk to 'mama' and 'dada'. She looked at the phone and smiled and said 'mama?' 'dada?'. It was cute. We went to church afterwards, A had a nap as soon as we got back home, had chicken nuggets for lunch, applesauce and roast beef for dinner and down for bed at 8! There was lots of playing and laughing in between all of that, of course. -Lindsay

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Amber said...

Lindsay, thanks for taking care of our baby girl! We miss her so bad!!! Sorry about the milk and the 3 am feeding. We will have the cell phone with us today on our outings, so when it's convenient, call us.

I posted a little about our trip because I was actually allowed in Blogger.

Love you guys!