Sunday, January 24, 2010

One day down...

Yesterday was out first full day in Addis. It was jammed pack and very emotional. First, we went to a local church service, call Baza International. (means Redemption, I think) They had an English session and an Amharic session. It was an amazing church. Everyone was so on fire for God and it was inspiring to watch and take part.

The second part of the day, we went to Entoto (sp?) where 4,000 HIV Ethiopians have fled to the mountain because they heard that the Orthodox church there had holy water that could heal them. The lady that I spoke to said that she has been waiting seven years and she is not healed yet. She invited us into her home, which was the size of my mater bath at home and holds a family of five. Her husband already passed away from the disease and she is not raising all the kids and is very sick herself. She laid in bed while we talked to her and loved on her. I asked her if I could pray with her and she said no, because she believes that God already healed her through her priest so only her priest can pray for her. I was so sad for her.

The way we knew about this mountain side, is there is a ministry running there that makes jewelry and gives all proceeds to the mothers so they can learn to support themselves. The lady we spoke to, did indeed work there. As a matter of fact, over 100 women work there from the mountain. We bought some jewelry to help support them. This is an amazing ministry to help mothers learn a trade and get some money to sustain their family when they leave the program. The children also go to school while the moms are working.

We also got to play with the children in the field from the mountain and they were just precious. The sad part is that everyone from that mountainside has a stigma attached to them with HIV and they are rejected by most of society. The children were full of life and oblivious to the fact that they had now shoes and their shirts were torn so bad, they were hanging off of them. We brought all the mothers food/noodles for their families and then ministered the best we can. We wanted them to know they were not any less special than anyone else on the planet and God loves them equally. We pray that a seed has been planted in all of their hearts. Pray that they continually feel the love of Jesus surrounding them daily and for healing.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see You through your people. I am in awe of your goodness.

Rick and I miss Ayana so bad already! Savvy is doing awesome on the trip and we are so pproud of her. Please continue your prayers. I will post pictures when I return.


Kat said...

Many many blessings on your trip...I LOVE reading about it!

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited that you are able to post on blogger! I'm on the edge of my seat for more details!