Sunday, March 29, 2009

The call...

This week has been hectic...It's cheer week! This week they had try-outs for the 2009/2010 cheer team for school and they also had yearly try-outs in competitive cheer. She was on the squad this year but that doesn't mean you have a spot the next year. I hate that they were in the same week. After school, she had cheer clinic from 4:00-6:00 where she had to learn a group cheer, a choreographed dance, and they had to make up their own indivudual routine with tumbling and jumps in it. WOW!

Then from 7:00-9:00 she had clinic at the competitive cheer gym. All that and school. My poor baby was exhausted. I asked her, are you sure you want to do both? Are you going to be able to keep up your grades and do both? Of course, not to my surprise, she said, I want to do both and I will keep up my grades. She did last year so I need to trust her.

Savannah was particularly nervous about the school cheer try-out. They could only have 16 people on the squad and a lot of people were trying out. They had a mock try-out so the girls would know what to expect. It was so secretive. They would not let the parents in the hall or in the building period during try-outs. The only people that can be at try-outs were the judges and the coaches. The judges were NCAA judges. OMG, NCAA judges, that is crazy. I forgot we now live in TEXAS!

Anyway, she worked really hard. The day of the try-outs, I went up to the school to help her with hair and the "uniform" they had to wear. I prayed with her and wished her luck. I then left and couldn't pick her up for 3 more hours. They had to stay until all the girls were done. She was #15.

After try-outs, I brought her home. She thought she did well but was very nervous. So the way it works is that if you make the squad, you get a call at your home number the same night as the try-outs. So she got home and I had some food ready for her. She waited and waited by the phone all the while getting more nervous and nervous. Meanwhile, her cell phone keeps ringing. It's some of the girls calling to say that they have made it and wanted to know if she got a call yet. No, no call yet she would say. The more calls she got from other girls the more nervous she got.

She was talking on the phone to another girl who had made it on her cell phone when the house phone rang. She screamed, gotta go, it's the school!!!!!!!
Rick and I watched as she got THE CALL! This is how it went: (close to it)

Coach: Hi, is this Savannah

Sav: Yes, this is her (she is smiling and so nervous)

Coach: I wanted to call you and congratulate you, You are on the 2009/2010 Cain Cheerleading squad.

Sav: Thank you! (she tried to act calm on the phone but she was freaking out to us in silence so we would know she made it.)

Sav: SCREAMED-YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! (she couldn't hold it in anymore)

Coach: (Laughing)

Coach: See you at school for the celebration!

Sav: Thank you Coach H! Bye

She was freraking out! I yelled with her so she would know how excited and proud I was of her. Rick and I kept hugging her and then she had to call EVERYONE she knew in the next few minutes.

We then had to go back up to the school that night for a celebration. On the way back up to the school, Savannah was getting calls from some of her friends wondering if she got the call because they still had not gotten the call. She said yes.

We pulled up to the school parking lot where the current cheerleading squad greeted her with hugs and purple flowers. (school colors)
We went inside and she got more text messages from her friends that asked her: Are there 16 girls there? She was afraid to tell them that Yes, there was 16 girls there, and that they would not be getting a call. She was so sad. I felt really bad for them. After breaking the bed news to htem, she went on to the celebration.

At the celebration, the new squad performed for all the parents what they had learned. It was so fun! They were all glowing!
They then all went to one of their friend's houses to have a slumber party and celebrate.

She also will be made competitive cheer but we will do not know what level yet until next week.

Her competitive uniform.

We are so proud of you Savannah, not only for making the squad, but for having the courage to try-out and for doing your best! We love you Savvy! XOXO

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Leah Reeves said...

Congrats!!!! That is exciting and sounds very busy.

Domestic Goddess said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats Savvy, we LOOOOOOVE YOU! We are so proud of you, I had no doubt you would make it, you have really come so far in cheer in just the last year. Your #1 fan will be so happy to hear that you made the squad. She thinks that Aunt Savannah is the best cheerleader ever!

Starshine said...

As one who grew up in Texas, I know what a big victory this is. Congrats to your Savannah!

nancy said...

congrats! i totally got sucked into the story :)

Molly said...


The Albertsons said...

that is so, so sweet :).
congrats Savannah!

dan and rachel said...

YAY! Savannah! Cheer is so competitive these days! Who would have thought?! I am so glad that she made the team!

Debbie said...

Congratulations to Savannah!!!! That's a big accomplishment and you are going to be one busy young lady!!!