Monday, March 9, 2009

Our trip to Ethiopia-Day 1

Over the next week, I will try to journal our trip to Ethiopia in detail. It may be too much detail for some but I want to remember everything when Ayana is older and I start forgetting the details.

Let's start with day 1-Feb 19th

First let me say; We used Susan Parr Travel for travel arrangements and Susan was great! We only had 1 week's notice so we didn't have much time to make travel plans. Susan Parr gets discounts to where the tickets cost the same last minute as it would if you had booked 3 months ahead of time. Susan gave me a lot of flight options and super fast! We went to discount sites and could not find better prices than Susan's and they only charged a $35 per person service fee. Well worth it! They are also extremely familiar with adoptions and the Ethiopia program so they know how to book the adopted child's seat on the way back. We only had to pay a lap charge for the baby. They were also able to confirm the bulkhead seats on the way back so we would have access to the bassinet.

Back to the details:

We decided not to take our 13 year old daughter, Savannah. We were originally going to take her but in the end decided not to fro personal reasons that i will not share on the blog. During the trip, there were times I wish we had brought her and others that I was SOOO glad that she was not there. More to come on that later.

I hate to fly. Not because I am afraid of flying but because I HATE sitting still for that long. It drives me nutty!!!! If you know me I can be hyper/ADD at times and I remembered, there is good drugs for that. I went to my doctor before I left and said, give me something to knock me out on the plane. I knew I wouldn't be able to take anything on the way back because of the baby but on the way there I was going to sleep. When we left I was sick and could barley talk (which I am sure Rick loved :)). I was super tired from getting ready for the trip and work.

We were super excited to go and get our girl.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leave Dallas at 12:55PM (Continental)
Arrived in Houston at 2:04 PM

We had a total of 4 bags. Rick and I shoved all our clothes into one bag. We had one bag for Ayana and we had two totes of donations.

Depart Houston at 6:25 PM (Emirates Airlines)

When we got on the airplane, Rick and I had the bulkhead seats with lots of leg room. Each seat has its own TV with movies and TV shows to choose from. We started off good but then Rick's TV didn't work. That always happens to him. He was not going to go 14 hours without a TV. There was only one empty seat on the plane and the flight attendant asked him if he would take mine so We could switch and Rick would have a TV. We switched and he was happy. The flight attendants were very nice on the flight, or wait do I even know how they were? It was time to take my drugs. :) I took a Xanax and an Ambien and I was out for the whole trip. No seriously, I woke up and we were in Dubai. It was AWESOME! So maybe the service was bad, how would I know?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Arrive in Dubai at 07:05 PM

The Dubai airport was amazing. So big, clean and beautiful!

We spent the night at a hotel in Dubai, I think it is owned by Emirates airlines. It was very nice because we were ready to sleep in a bed and it left us refreshed in the morning so when we got to Addis we were ready to get our girl!!!! I would highly recommend this for anyone.

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Depart: Dubai 08:25 AM
Arrive: ADDIS ABABA 11:35 AM
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total flying time: 20 Hours (19:59)
Total time waiting to get to Addis: 37 hours (47-10 hour time change)

More to come soon! We would meet our daughter fro the first time soon!


Kellyann said...

Thank you for sharing the details about your trip. It is very helpful to prepare us waiting families.

Domestic Goddess said...

Here we sit in the Boise airport wishing it was just a sliver as nice as the Dubai airport, LOL! It looks awesome, we watched a show about it a while back and it was incredible. Rickey was so excited to see the pictures. We were cracking up about Rick's TV not working, SO funny and you are so right, that ALWAYS happens to him! We loved all the pictures, day #1 was great. Thank you for sharing, we can't wait to hear about all the other days too. We are so thankful and happy that you are home safe with Ayana!!! WE LOVE YOU!