Thursday, March 5, 2009


OK, I have been trying to load video for three hours now and I am about to lose it becasue it won't work! UGH!
Normally I load videos right off my camcorder but it isn't working for some reason. So I tried taking the cd out of the camcorder and loading it straight from my player. It does not have a "save as" feature. I can't seem to figure this out. Help! Does anyone know how do do it?


J, A and T said...

Such great pics in the post below!!!

Leah Reeves said...

I hope you can get it to work!

I have never tried with our video, but i need to put video on our blog.

I am holding off calling, so you can completely recover.
Maybe next week? I just want to hear how wonderful Ayana is and all about your trip.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! I cannot believe Savannah is wearing make-up. Man I feel old :)

It looks like Ayana already has quite the personality. Hopefully she will help to keep Rick on his toes. I hope someday to meet her.

God Bless,

Gretchen Hayek (Kari's friend)

Lisa and Cory said...

I've never had success trying to upload video onto Blogger. I have to use One True Media or YouTube to get a video on here. Those both work beautifully. Hope that helps!