Friday, March 20, 2009

My Random Rant...

My 13 yr old Savannah, is on Spring Break and her cousin is in from MO visiting for the weekend. So I will give you one guess on what they wanted to do today...Go to the MALL. This would be our first big outing with the baby. I kid you not, I didn't
even know how to use/open the stroller. Don't laugh, I ended up figuring it out.

We went to the Galleria, a big mall in Dallas. It was so crowded because of Spring break I guess. So we planned a fun Girls day. We started by going to Savannah's favorite restaurant in the mall, a mexican place. I love mexican too, so no problem.
Savannah and I shared fajitas and Paige ordered quesadilla's and Ayana ate cheerios. The bill came and it was $55.00!What the heck!!!!! The cokes were $ 1.75 each with no refills. When did this happen? Has food always been this expensive? I guess I didn't know becasue I don't usually eat at the mall. Ok, next time we eat at the pretzel stand. What? They like

So Ayana is still in a good mood, I think she likes riding in the stroller. Savannah needs summer shorts and some jeans. She is in that awkward size where she is no lnoger in kids/junior sizes but she is too little to wear adult sizes so it can be hard to find things that fit her.

SO we start going to every place that has pants and shorts. Ok, I am going to get on my soap box now for a sec. When did the shorts become so short? Like hoochie momma short. We had to have a conversation at almost every store about why she can't wear those shorts. Thanks Abercrombie! Ok, now I have another thing to vent about. Abercrombie! I hate that place! They are so not stroller friendly and they are rude. The people that work their have zero customer service and they gave me a dirty look when I tried to bring my stroller in. The music is way too loud and then they try to charge you an arm and a leg for shorts with very little fabric. Ughh....

Ok, I'm done with that, onward. I forgot to tell you that poor Ayana had a blow out almost every half hour. It went through her clothes. She is on more antibiotics and I think it is upsetting her stomach.
Side note: We still do not have the lab tests back to see if she had Giardia.
Her having blow-outs of course gave me an excuse to buy her a new outfit, or 4 new outfits. :) So cute!
Despite her tummy issues, she did very well.

The girls got their new clothes and I got one thing. I am not buying a lot of clothes until I lose my baby weight. :) I like to call it that becasue i am a stress eater and 14 months of paperwork and a stressfull job had me packing on the pounds, not to mention my hormone issues, but that is a whole other demon.

We ended the day with a trip to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate place where the girls got Cheesecake (flavored) covered apples. Savannah's favorite!

They came home and jumped in the pool, which we heated just for the occasion. They are now in the theatre watching a movie. I think they had a good day!

Sweet pea had a warm bath and after playing with mommy and daddy, went to bed.

I don't know if any of that made sense but that was our day in a nutshell!

Ayana in one of her new outfits

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Jamie T said...

A-Freakin-Dorable! Sorry, i'm like your #2 fan besides Jess. A&F should be banned! Agreed with the loud music and ZERO customer service...unless you're a size negative 0 and between the ages of 14 and 18 or something.

Girls day sounded like sooo much fun!

Poor Ayana...but I love how you justified buying new clothes.

WHAT?!?!? No refills?!?!? That's insane! But worth was girls day out afterall.

PS...I would be mortified if my mom blogged about my clothing size. Just an FYI. LOL.

Oh and love the baby weight comment...just so happens...I'm losing my married weight and I've never been married...ask Jess...don't wanna bore you with details.

So happy for ALL of you! Brings a smile to my face.

Ellen said...

I love following your blog. What a precious outfit and a fun day at the mall.

Autumn said...

Amber I just can't wait to meet her and I love her so much already! She is filling out so well! She is looking so healthy now. Good job, Mom and Dad!

Psalm112 said...

Sounds like fun. That's why Mom never took me to the mall. T.J. Maxx & Marshall's were my only choices. ; )

As far as Ayana and the meds, get some Acidophilus in her-they have pills, but I'm sure that she's not there yet. So, Dannon yogurt and now even some Yoplait (look for live cultures of l. acidophilus). It helps restore the good flora in the belly that the antibiotics are killing.

I'm loving all the updates!!!


Mona said...

I'm with you regarding A&F. They are terrible - I won't even walk into that store. What a fun day! Does this mean you are feeling better? I sure hope so. Love Ayana's new dress.

Leah Reeves said...

Fun Day!
I see Ayana is taking after Gabre with her cute!

Melanie said...

HI Amber,
Love your comments...and I am right there with you on the baby wieght issue :0. I am back to the weight I was after I had my six yr old son...uggg. Stress..adotpion hormones..stress...time for me to start exercising. I saw an ifomercial of an exercise system thinking of getting.
Love Ayana's dress and looks like she loves it too. She knows she is loved.

Blessings Melanie
hope to see you at church someday!

Domestic Goddess said...

In all seriousness I think that Jamie and I are neck and neck when it comes to #1 fan but then again I am FAMILY so I win, HA! :)

I can SO see you trying to figure out the stroller, oh I was laughing so hard at that. I had no doubt you could figure it out but really who thought they could get those things so compact! Oh how I miss the Galleria, I don't think I have EVER bought anything anytime we went but I love that place, it's so fun, and that Mexican restaurant was so good, and no refills is ridiculous!

I can't imagine the struggle to find "decent" shorts, it is hard enough in the little girls section. Who knew they made mini skirts in a 6x?? The tag at Target literally said Mini Skirt and I about fell over. I don't ever remember clothes like that even being an OPTION when I was that age, we had to make our own by cutting the clothes we had, LOL. My Mom especially loved those moments!

A's new outfit is SOOO cute, she looks so darling sitting outside, I can't wait to see her in the pool! Spring Break sounds like a blast, wish we were there!! LOVE YOU GUYS! Enjoy the weekend. MISS YOU!

Angela said...

Oh Boy! Teens and clothes!! I remember all too well except I had boys to shop for.... lucky me.

Ayana looks adorable in her little dress and hair bow!

Sweet Patience said...

She is adorable! Where have I been? I missed your trip and all. I did not realize your court date and trip was so soon. I was surprised to see Ms. Ayana on the blog when I found it. I had not visited in a while. I must do better. I know that you are just so happy that the journey is over and you have your daughter in your care! I love the bow and the dress!


Melodie Monberg said...

Love the funny writing...made me laugh, especially the blowouts...I echo your sentiments on Abercombie...and think they are terribly rude. Love all the helpful travel information!

Kellyann said...

Is this what I have to look forward too with teens? yikes!
Who does not give free refills these days? That is nuts.
Cute outfit for Ayana but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair bow on her. Too cute. I hope you get an answer about the giardia soon. Is it REAL stinky? If so, she probably has it. My dd from China had it and ew....

Kat Marr said...

You are too funny! Gotta tell you I am with you on the clothes thing...we are SO picky now with how little the companies want my 12 year old to's nuts. We have to go clothes shopping and I think that I'm going to be spending all day looking for a pair of shorts that covers my girls...yikes!