Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ayana Health Update-Part 2

Ayana recently finished her last round of antibiotics. The antibiotics that she was given at the orphanage and that was given to us for her to continue to take...she was completely immune to them from what we can tell. They had to put her on a stronger medicine which made her stomach upset which resulted in many of blow outs. It was hard to tell if she had Giardia or if the medicine was making her do that.

Her stool was tested for a hand full of things. All the tests came back negative. From the research I have done and the advice from other AP's, I have learned that Giardia doesn't always show up the first time and they are stubborn little suckers.

Now that she is off antibiotics for a few days she is no longer have blow outs and she smells a lot better if you know what I mean.

Her ear infections cleared up and her congestion is gone if she stays on her decongestion/allergy medicine. If I forget to give it to her, she quickly gets very congested again and runny or stuffy nose.

She is eating like crazy and is gaining a lot of wait. If you remember my last post, she wasn't even on the growth chart the last time I took her to the doctor but it looks like that will be changing fast! She is getting pleasantly plump!

So to sum things up, she is very healthy from what we can tell and she is amazing! Praise the Lord!

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Domestic Goddess said...

That is GREAT news and I am sure the change in smell was welcomed, LOL! She is so adorable and is so lucky to have such great parents!!!! ((and siblings!!)) We love you guys...only 2 weeks and I will be able to hold her, I am counting down the days, I CAN'T WAIT. And I am excited to see you too! ;)