Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Update on Our Sweet Pea...

Welcome home to the Okrainski family, the Javier family who just brought home their sweet babies from Ethiopia. Please pray for their health as many of them are sick. Thank you so much Joy for taking pictures of my sweet pea while you were in Ethiopia. I opened the 3 pictures and was shocked. Our sweet pea likes to eat! She is getting chunky. It is so cute! Well we know they are feeding her.:}

We also have three families in Ethiopia now from our agency picking up their kids. How exciting for so many kids to get a forever family! Please pray for their safe travel.

We just spent a weekend with family for Thanksgiving and let me tell you, I have a lot to be thankful for. Our court date is approaching and I pray everyday that our sweet pea is healthy and safe while away from us.

That's all for now folks, I am so tired from driving to and back from KC. I'm going to bed.

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Domestic Goddess said...

We had so much fun visiting with you guys, Thanksgiving was a blast. Thank you for making the trip to KC and spending the time with us that you did! I am glad you made it home safe and that you got to see some snow while you were in KC, LOL! LOVE YOU GUYS...and oh yeah, ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!! The court date is fast approaching, the week will be over before you know it, I can't wait!!!