Friday, November 14, 2008

God is Good!

I have been a little out of pocket the last week or maybe a month. Hmm...Anyway, I have been having computer problems and that is why the shortage of posts. I have also been EXTREMELY busy at work.

Our court date is getting closer and that is very exciting. We have a lot to do before baby comes home. I need to make a list and get organized because I feel a little overwhelmed.

Guess what though...God is Good!


dan and rachel said...

how exciting! it's funny how even with adoption women seem to go through a nesting phase!

ronda said...

thanks for the update - we will be praying for you - when will you head to Ethiopia? Are you going to be there for the court date?

Lisa J. said...

Hi Amber - I'm praying for you. I'm really excited for what lies ahead for you!

~Laura~ said...

Praying for a good courtdate! Won't be long now! :)