Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update on our sweet pea...

We got an update from the orphanage today on our sweetie and we also got two new pictures! I love when i get an update. It really makes my day! I have been worried about her health because a few of the families that have come back lately have found that some of the babies had chicken pox, scabies and/or pink eye.

They did not mention that she was sick in any way. Here is some of what the doctor put on her report:

Besides the previous history she drinks 180ml formula milk 3 times per day and she also started supplementary feeding. She sits with support, transfer objects from one hand to other, babbles and reaches for a familiar people.

She is now 12.58 pounds. They sent two photos. She is getting bigger and in one of the photos she looks like she is laughing and low and behold, she has dimples. The cutest dimples ever!

I can't wait to go get her. Getting closer!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!

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Lindsay said...

When you showed me the picture of her smiling, I could hear the joy and anticipation in your laughter as you were smiling from ear to ear just looking at her. I can't wait to meet her! We are all ready to hear the laughter we see in the pictures!!!! Just over 1 week for the court date!!!! YAY!