Monday, August 4, 2008


Our dossier is back from Washington!!! It only took like 3 days to get authenticated. That is amazing! PTL! Our agency will let me know tomorrow if there was anything else needed. If not, the packet will go to Ethiopia and we will be on the official "wait list" for a referral. I can't wait!

Also a big Shout Out to Lisa and Cory who got their referral of a baby girl today!
I'm so excited for them! They are from our agency and they got their referral in only 6 weeks. Wow!


Domestic Goddess said...

Talk about a fast turn around...YIPPEE!!! That is fantastic. Such great news! CONGRATS!

Lisa J. said...

Yay! I remember that part being pretty quick too - and I even made some mistakes in the dossier but Radu was great. Our referral time was short - let's hope yours is too! I have great hopes for you.

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Praise the Lord!!!! That is so awesome!

Paul and DeeDee said...

Holy Cow! 3 Days?!?! That's great! STILL waiting for our homestudy to be approved by our agency on our front:) patience patience:) Praying that your wait on the list to be SHORT!!

Lisa and Cory said...

Woo hoo! I'll bet yours will be quick too! Thanks for the shout out and I'll keep my fingers crossed!

~ Lisa