Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drama of a Pre-teen: Part II

Last night I was up late and working on my computer and about 11:30 pm I heard a loud noise. Savannah and her friend were upstairs in their bedroom and Rick was already asleep. It scared me at first. It was late I called out to Savannah but no answer. I didn't hear anything else so I assumed it was just noise from an animal or something outside. We live on almost 2 acres and who knows what romes outside at night. (I don't think I want to know) So I went about my work and that was that. About midnight I decide to go to lock up the house and go to bed. As I'm making the rounds of our million doors, I look up to see something on the front door. We have a wood and glass door so I could see something through the other side. As I got closer, It appeared something was stuck on the outside of the door. I opened the door, and guess what it was? It was a maxi pad (clean thank God) stuck on the door. I was puzzled and looked up to find, OMG, we have been forked, and wrapped. In teen age talk that is tp'd. (toilet paper)

It was all over the trees, inside the water fountain, inside the bushes and lights. They also had plastic forks stuck inside the mulch.

Savannah and her friend, Sid were still up. Sid is practically our second daughter as much as she stays with us. I went to get them and show them what was out front. I took her outside and she was horrified. She knew immediately who did it. I said how do you know? She said, oh, I know. She had been invited to a birthday party that night and decided not to go and guess what the consequences of that were?

Needless to say, after Savannah and Sid had slept until noon the next day, they woke up to me handing them trash bags and they cleaned the yard.

Oh the joy of teens! (don't tell Savannah but who ever did the tp job didn't even do that good. My brothers and I had done some much better work in our day :) )


sparkz said...

Wow looks like someone had fun!

Domestic Goddess said...

Those pictures are too funny. I love the look on Savannah's face :)

Linz said...

That's hilarious! I remember those days when I would roll and fork houses but it all ended when I had to clean that mess up at MY house. Maybe now you won't have to worry about Savannah rolling someone's house?!