Monday, June 23, 2008


I spoke with our agency and we need to have one more paper certified in our dossier packet before we can send it off to Washington. On the bright side, it's better to know now and not send it off wrong. I Fed-ex'd the paper off to Austin today to get certified and I hope it comes back soon. Another delay, gotta love it!


Danielle said...

YUCK! Setbacks STINK! Hopefully it will come back soon.


Lori said...

Don't ya just hate that! GRRR! I'm bummed for you ~ hopefully it'll be a speedy turn around for you!

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Oh man! Well, you are right, better now than later! That dossier will be on its way soon!!

Holly said...

I TOTALLY relate.
Prayers that the paper arrives soon, certified and that it will be THE LAST setback!
It would be so cool to meet you in Ethiopia!
Who knows?

Lisa and Cory said...

Oh darnit! GEEZ! Fingers and toes it gets off without a hitch!

~ Lisa