Sunday, September 21, 2008

They grow up so fast!

Savannah cheered in her first football game last week and I'm just now posting the pictures. She looked so grown up in her uniform. Next to her is Sydney, AKA "squid". She is a semi-permenant fixture at our house and like another daughter. Savannah is the one with the bangs.

Girls, you gotta love em!


Lori said...

Look at your sweetie pie! So beautiful and cool too! Adorable!


Ellen said...

Your baby is so cute - they look like they are having fun! Ah to be young again!


Domestic Goddess said...

They both look so cute. I am loving Savannah's bangs. I showed Abby the pictures and she got so excited. Her cheer uniform is blue too so she thought that was pretty darn cool! I can't believe how much Savannah has grown in the past few years, it's nuts. Miss you guys!