Monday, September 22, 2008

Boyd Weekend Wrap Up!

Rick is feeling better. I knew when he starting to make wise cracks on Saturday that he was going to be ok. He is going to try to go to work in the morning against my advice. He is still on pain meds so I think he should stay home but he says he doesn't need to take them. We will see...Thank you to all of you who prayed for Rick, it worked and it meant a lot.

Rick hasn't smoked for over a week now. I am so proud of him. He went cold turkey after the surgery. I hope that he quits for good! That would be so awesome! I will let you know what happens. Pray for me during this time.:)

Since Rick was feeling better, Lindsay, Savannah and I got out of the house. We were on a hunt to find a certain fabric that I needed more of for the nursery. So it all started a few months ago when my daughter, Savannah and I went to a "not so nice" part of Dallas where they have several industrial buildings in a row that are fabric shops. It is like little sweatshops but without the kids. Anyway, we found some fabric on clearance that was so pretty. We got 5 yards for only 6.00. I knew I wanted to use it for the nursery but I would need more. A few weeks later Jessica and Rickey came into town and Jess and I went to the fabric shops to look for more of that pretty fabric. But, no luck! Darn. A few weeks later a get a lovely singing Hallmark card from Jess with a swatch of fabric in it. It was the same fabric I had been looking for. Yeah!!! Thank you Jessica for finding a store that had more! You are the best!

So back to my weekend. We went to the store that had more of the fabric that Jess had found and not only did that have the fabric, the store had a 40% off sale! Man was I happy! Here is the fabric:

We also picked out some other accent fabrics for the nursery. We are making everything, the crib bedding, curtains, throw and pillow. I can't wait to see the finished product. We have to paint the babies room too.

After we found the fabric, we went to the mall to get Savannah a few pair of jeans for school. While we were in Macy's, we of course walked by the baby department. I haven't bought any baby clothes up to this point because we didn't have a referral yet. Now that we have a referral, I still didn't plan on buying anything because babies grow so fast and you never know if what we buy now will fit her later. We walked by the clearance rack and all that thinking went out the door. The clothes were so cute and so cheap!
I got the outfits below and the total was 35.00 for everything. So cute!!!

Swimsuit and coverup

Another Swimsuit and a sun dress

Dress and a Puma Dress with bloomers

Jessica got us a bib that says, "Nobody puts baby in the corner" (movie: Dirty Dancing quote)and Leah got us some cute baby legs and a hair bow.

Maybe I should think about getting more practical things for the baby like a stroller, carseat etc...

On Sunday, Rick relaxed and watched football all day. Savannah had cheer pratice and Lindsay and I spent 4 hours pulling weeds out of the front yard. We have 1 1/2 acres so there was a lot of ground to cover. Thank you so much Lindsay!!! After we were done our bodies were so sore and the tip of our fingers felt like they were going to bleed.

So that's it for the weekend wrap up. I left out some of the boring details but you get the general idea. I'm going to go get some icy hot, take some ibuprofen and think about the joys of going to work tomorrow for another busy week! Whoo hoo!


Domestic Goddess said...

I am so happy to hear that Rick is still not smoking, that is incredible! I will pray for his strength, I can only imagine how hard that is on him after doing it for so long.

We are too much alike. I saw all of the other fabrics when I was at the store, you picked my 2 favorite. I love the paisley looking print and the butterfly...SO CUTE! I can't wait to see it all, it's going to be so pretty. Have you decided on a paint color yet?

The baby clothes are adorable, you better stock up on those swimming suits! :) I had to run to Costco on Friday and they had the CUTEST fleece jacket that I so wanted to buy for her but I have NO idea what size, she looks so small. And it's not really like you need a warm coat in Dallas but they were so adorable. She is going to be soooo spoiled. :)

I am glad the Boyd house is on the mend and things are more upbeat, very happy to hear that. Lindsay is a rock star...I can just see you two out there pulling weeds, LOL! I bet it was as funny as me learning how to use a chain saw :)

LOVE YOU! Hope the week goes great for you!

Joy said...

I love your finds. The clothes are so cute and I can't believe how much you got for $35 - that makes it even more fun when you get great deals! I am sure the nursery will be beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures as you work on it.

I am glad you are all feeling better. Take care.

Nikki said...

Shopping for girls is so fun :) not sure i would wnat to buy anything from something that is like a sweatshop though- they don't need kids to be a sweatshop, and you would be surprised (or at least i was!) at how many real sweatshops exist in north america- it is scary! Hehe, can you tell i have been researching fair trade?! ;)


Leah Reeves said...

Cute stuff!!! The nurery is going to be beautiful.
When we move to the Dallas area, I cannot wait to go shopping with you!

Lori S said...

I like that fabric. Wish I could sew!
I love those little outfits for you baby girl! Is she going to be spoiled, or what?! (O;