Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our precious little one...

We have not received any updates on our precious little one yet. The courts will reopen in October and we hope to have a court date soon.
Several babies have been sick that are in the same orphanage as our little one. I pray that she doesn't get sick and that all the babies stay healthy. Another adopting parent shared these videos of the orphanage where our baby is staying (thanks Tania). They do a really good job with the kids but of course they have limited resources and there are so many kids. Ever night I wonder if our baby is crying or if she has been held, if she is sick. I pray for her daily. I can't wait to come get you little one!

Here are the two videos of the orphanage:

Part I

Part II


Leah Reeves said...

I am so happy Rick is doing better, wow what a week.
As for your little one she will be fine, they are strong babies. Courts will be open soon!

Lisa and David said...

Those videos are precious. I sat with Tigist and watched all of it ... she clapped along, she danced, she was very moved I could tell. When she hears her language, she loves it. I will sit with her many times more and watch those, thank you so much for posting.

And if this is where your baby is, trust me, she is in very good hands. The way you see those nannies, that is how they are all the time. Your baby is fine!!
Love & hugs,
Lisa and Tigist