Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad blogger!

Ok, I have been a BAD BLOGGER! I am so sorry to anyone still reading. Things are fine but very busy at work. This is the busiest time of the year in real estate and when I get home I spend time with the family and then there is no energy left to blog. I will try to do better. I don't even know where to start, so many things to tell....

Let's start with the fact that Ayana is into absolutley EVERYTHING! She is running around the house like a mad women. Every day a new adventure...

She has 12 teeth now inlcuding her molars so she can eat table food like a champ. Anytime she eats she makes noises like a trash compactor until she swallows. It is so funny!

Words: she doesn't talk too much but she says ma ma a lot. She can also say:
da da
Ba ba (bottle)
Bop bop
and a few other random sounds like, wa wa.

She is adjusting and bonding very well and is still a total Daddies girl. As soon as he gets home from work he can't even go to the bathroom without her following him. She will cry anytime he leaves the room.

She also absolutely loves her nanny that comes to our home everyday while we are at work to take care of her. She gets so excited when she gets to the house. She waits by the door and screams when her car pulls up.

Overall, only good news. she will be going to the doctor next week for her 15 month check up and I will let you know what happens...


Angela said...

Thanks for the update. Ayanna's still a cutie patootie.

I think having a nanny is awesome. I don't like daycares. Our SW asked me about daycare and I almost cringed. There's so many plans work out before a baby arrives.

P.S. My son is taking a real estate class this sememester. I'm always proud of him.

Leah said...

Ayanna is still as adorable as ever. :-D And how cute that she is a total Daddy's girl. And how wonderful that she loves her nanny so much. :-D

I wanted to thank you again for being willing to chat with me on the phone. My adoption is moving forward and I'm so happy about it. Feel free to check out my new blog about our adoption. It's at:

Leah said...

Hi Amber. :-D I thought I would respond here as I know you may not see my response if I just respond in my comment section.

I am in Minnesota. :-D

I had my blog designed by a woman I met through the world of blogs. I am going to be doing a fundraising giveaway in a couple weeks, and one of the prizes will be a free blog design by this wonderful woman. So you'll have to enter to win that if you're interested. :-D

Kat said...

Ok, the pics are SOOO cute! She has that little gleam in her eyes...she's a bright little girl!

Marian said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and your little girl (both of them actually ) are beautiful! I'm looking forward to going back and reading about your adoption from Ethiopia as my husband and I are beginning our second adoption and are praying about where we should adopt from. Thank you for sharing, stop by anytime for a visit.

Holly said...

Love the pics!
Sounds like life is busy but blessed!!
I keep checking in :)

Lisa and David said...

Wow ... can she be any more adorable? NO!!! She can't. What a cutie. Good to hear from you.

Good to know all is well.

The Zimmers said...

She's just a doll! It's great to see her adjusting and bonding so well with your family! Daddy's girls are the best! I hope work slows down after the fall and that you are able to enjoy a little more time at home!

anangel4us said...

Welcome back. I missed your post. Ayana is getting so big. She is so adorable.

Kristi J said...

wow...she has gotten so big...and she has fabulous Ethipian hair...she's adorable...thanks for stopping in tonight...kj