Monday, July 20, 2009

Savannah is off, again...

Savannah has only been home a week and she is off again. This morning, I dropped off Savannah, Austin (my newphew from MO) and Syndey (one of Savannah's friends at the Teen Mania EXtreme Camp. They will be there until Friday. I am very excited about this camp. I am praying that it will be a powerful experience for the kids and that God will move in their lives.

Here is the mission statement for the camp as written on their website:

Acquire the Fire's Extreme Camps are designed to help teens genuinely discover God and live an extreme life for Him. Our goal is to provide a unique camp experience unlike any other as a catalyst to see the youth of this generation come together in Jesus name to discover what being a Christian really is all about. We desire that this will be more than just another event but a stepping stone for change in the student's life as well as in their youth group.

Sounds good to me! Please pray with me for God to move in all the young teens lives at the camp.

New picture of Savannah:


Domestic Goddess said...

The mission statement and camp sound AWESOME!!!! I wish I would have had something like that when I was a teenager, that sounds great. I hope they have a great time and it is life changing, I will keep them in my prayers. What a week!

The new picture of Savvy is adorable, man she looks so grown! What a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

I know Ayana is adorable.....but look at my Banna Hanna!!!!! What a cutie pie she is and always has been!!!!!! Banna, you are growing up to be such a wonderful young lady, and I am so.o.o.o proud of you!!! I love you sweetie! Grandma xoxoxo