Sunday, July 5, 2009

3 month post placement

Today we met with the social worker to do our mandatory 3 month post placement report for the adoption. She basically checks on Ayana's health and to see how she is adjusting. She said that her progress is AWESOME and she seems to be right on track and has bonded to us. She gave us some suggestions and things to look for as she gets older.

Ayana showed off her skills: Walking, blowing kisses, says momma~dadda~ba ba, waves hello and bye, kisses with an open mouth and blows raspberries and spits every where. This kid has talent I tell you. :)

When she is through with the report, we will send it and updated photos to the agency and then they are required to send it to several parties. I swear, as soon as she left, Ayana was walking and got a little too excited and fell on her face on the tile floor. She let out a scream! She cried and cried. Within minutes, her top lip was swollen, poor thing. She cut the inside a little with her new teeth.

She is also cutting three more teeth. Ughh, she hasn't slept through the night in a week from the pain. I also found out the hard way that she is allergic to infant's Motrin/Ibuprofin.

One of the neighbors did give Ayana a new toy though that helped to distract her. It's a floor bouncer! Thanks Debbie! She doesn;t understand how to use it yet. She will not bend her knees when we show her how to bounce. We try to bounce her and she is like a stiff board. lol

So I go to bed tonight feeling so BLESSED! Ayana has done so well.I am also so proud of Savannah and the adjustments that she has made. She is an amazing sister. It is amazing to watch actually. People say how Ayana's life has changed drastically because of us but I say that she has changed our life and has added joy every waking day. Thank you Lord for our little blessing and for another day of joy tomorrow.


Joy said...

That is just wonderful to hear her fast progress and the way she has blessed and grown your family.

Kat said...

Oh yes..teething...yikes! She is precious and it's funny reading this is your three month post placement visit because it seems like she's been with you forever!

Domestic Goddess said...

I am glad that the social worker visit went good, one more thing you can check off the list!!!! And what a good girl that A waited until she left to fall, LOL! Poor thing, I bet that hurt! She is walking SO good, I love how she is using her hands to try and keep her balance, she is one smart girl!

We miss you guys like crazy, I can't wait to see her walk in person. We love you bunches and bunches and feel just as blessed to know that we have such an amazing family, love my Mum!

ashley said...

HI! If you have a Target close by get teething tablets by Highlands. They are a homeopathic tablet and work wonders on the pain and attitude of the little one. They were recommended to me by several moms and they have really worked for us. Hope they work for you too. You can also check at a health food store.

Debbie said...

I'm finally catching up on some blog reading.

It certainly sounds like Ayana is doing very well. I'm sure your heart is jumping for joy.

I hope Savannah has a nice time visiting her dad and grandparents. I used to send one of our boys off every summer to visit his dad and it was hard, but he always had a great time and that was the most important thing. Anyway, she'll be back before you know it and this year you have someone else to help occupy your time while she's gone.

Kara said...

Awww, poor thing. I hope her lip is better today. Glad she is doing so well. Hope she starts sleeping better for you soon.

Holly said...

Adorable as always. How was her first fourth of July? :)

Paula said...

Talented indeed! :)

Three months already... the time is flying by.

nancy said...

ditto on the teething tablets by highland--we go through tons (naturopahic). we have all been there with the swollen lip (at least it happened after she left...) congrats on how well she is doing!

Kari said...

Amber, I love your blog & all the new pics!! Are you an AWAA family... I noticed a few families on your blog roll. Our group has grown so big, but I love keeping up. Congrats on beautiful Ayana!!
We also have an almost 13 yr old daughter!! Zoie Senait turns 18 months old on the 10th.

Livin' out loud said...

She is JUST GEORGOUS! What an absolute blessing!