Thursday, October 9, 2008

Order in the Courts!

Well, the have been open for a few weeks now in Ethiopia and we still await to be assigned a court date for Ayana.

A lot of court dates have been issued for our adoption agency to other families but they are going in the order of the date that the family recieved the referral, which is fair. There is a little back up from the courts being closed for two months. From what I have read online, all of the court dates in October are gone now and they are now assigning Nov court dates and Dec travel dates. (Nov dates will go fast too)I want to have her before Christmas so badly!!! It is killing me. But I still stand in the Lord's timing for His will is the only way. I will let you all know when I find something out.

In other news, my agency requested a medical update on Ayana and new pictures so we should have those soon. I can't wait to see her sweet face. "Mommy and Daddy are coming soon sweet pea!"

Now I will go back to praying for a court date and try to get some work done! :)


emily said...

Really hope you get that court date soon!!! :)

Lisa and Cory said...

Here's hoping you get one real soon! I want to travel together!

~ Lisa

sparkz said...

Great news! I can't wait until you get to go get her!!! I'm hoping it will happen for you before christmas too!

Domestic Goddess said...

I hope she gets to come home before Christmas, that would be sooooo cool!!!

Natalie Fournet said...

Praying that you hear soon...come on court date!

Lisa and David said...

Ohhhh! praying for a Nov. Court date for a Christmas present from Ethiopia. You're almost there ... can you believe it?????