Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!!!!!

So much paperwork! When we started the adoption process our agency said to try not to get overwhelmed when the paperwork came in the mail. The hardest part isn't filling a bunch of papers out but it's waiting for all the supporting documents to come back to us that we have to include in the packet in order to move forward. There is a couple other things we still need to do. We need to get new passports. I filled out all the paperwork a long time ago but it seems to be hard for us to get off work to go apply and the local office is open from 10:00-4:00. (for people who don't have jobs)
Rick saw the blog for the first time tonight because he has been sick. It's so great to go through this together. I'm hoping our daughter Savannah will write a few things too. We have kept her involved in the whole process as much as possible.
I was running her around all evening to gymnastics and church. Every time I take her somewhere I try to imagine what it will be like to when we have added another family member. I think I should start going to bed earlier than I do now so I can have more energy. I can't wait!
Hopefully I will get some more paperwork done tomorrow after work. It seems like the paperwork "hole" never ends.Good times.

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Matt and Kari Magness said...

Hi guys,

I just wanted to thank you for creating this blog it’s wonderful to see where you guys are at and what to be praying for. We love you,

Matt and Kari.