Monday, November 9, 2009

Africa, here we come...again!

We are excited to tell you that we are going back to Addis in January! No, it's not to bring home another child...We are going to Addis on a missions trip with a small group. The vision for the trip: We are seeking to find the Christian Solution to the Orphan crisis.

We will be spending time with children at drop-in-centers, orphanages, on the streets, and in surrounding villages. As we ask the directors of these centers what they need most, the answer still surprises me. Consistently, they answer that they need others to come and spend time with the children. The message they have received so far in life is that someone does not love them. Although this is often not true (as often parents dying of HIV/AIDS surrender them to an orphanage because they do love them), when others come specifically to love them, it is utterly life changing…for everyone involved.

We will also be spending time with one of the ministries that works to get prostitutes off the street. Many times, they feel they have no choice but to be on the street. There is a ministry that is providing hope to them. They take them in for a certain amount of time and they are given a loom. They them teach them how to use the loom to weave things that they can sell. They provide childcare and food for them and their children while they are there. While they are in the program, the missionaries who run it help them sell their blankets to Americans who want to help over the internet and the women develop a little nest egg before leaving. After they leave they get to keep the loom so that they can continue to sell products to support their families. I am really excited about this ministry because it may keep more children with their parents and provide more of a long term solution.

This trip is also a means Rick and I asking, “What does God have for us?” Are we called to do more in Ethiopia? Whatever it may be, we are excited to go and be part of the solution…and to listen for what God may have for us. Bottom line, we want to show them the love of Jesus!

We are excited to be bringing the whole family on this trip also. We were not able to bring our 14 year old, Savannah, with us when we picked up Ayana and we are eager to take her this time. I think it will be life changing for her to work with us in these situations and to see where her sister came from. We will also take Ayana. We are afraid that being away from her for 10 days after having her for only 9 months may damage the attachment we are growing. We will stay at the Ethiopia Guest house with friends that will watch her during the day while we are ministering. This is financially a huge burden for 4 of us to be going but I know it’s God so He will provide and make a way.

Calling all Prayer Warriors: Please be praying for our group to raise the money we need and for God to move among the ministries we will be working with.

Also, if you have good fundraiser ideas, I am all ears…Please share.


Melanie said...

Wow Amber!! How exciting! I wish that I could go with. I will be praying for God to move during your trip and for the finances to come in! I absolutely love mision work and when you take that step of faith...God shows up!


Emily said...

Sounds great like it will be a life-changing trip for your whole family!

Beautiful Mess said...

What an awesome opportunity for all!

Keep us posted! We will be praying!

by we I mean-me-and a lot of the other people who haven't left a comment but will pray :))

The Zimmers said...

What a great trip for your whole family! Will definitely keep you in our prayers.

Monica said...

That is wonderful, Amber! I will be praying.

Kat said...

YES!!! Maybe we'll have our referral by then and you can peek in on our sweet Girl! This is wonderful!

Tania said...

How wonderful!!!! I too got a chance to go back to Addis recently. The second time around was better in the sense that I wasn't so emotional about meeting my daughter. I got to actually enjoy Addis and the surrounding area without being pre-occupied by new Ethiopian Beauty.

I think it is fabulous that you are going on a mission trip, and that you get to take both your girls. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Holly said...

oh Amber! I got so excited thinking adopting again and then when I saw that you aren't adopting my heart just fell...UNTIL I read what you will be doing! AMAZING! I am thrilled!
I just know the Lord is going to bless this and use it BIG TIME!
As for fundraisers...have you seen ours? Beading to China?
Can you bead girl:)
God will show you the way!

Paula said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your family! We took our three teenage children when we picked our girls up in Ethiopia, and I know that it was truly and totally a life changing event for all three of them. You will be so glad that you were able to take Savannah. :)

Anonymous said...

WOO HOOOOO! Maybe being there again will create the desire to adopt again?!?! (not pushing my luck but you never know!! LOL!) That is fantastic and I think Savannah will LOVE IT! What an opportunity for her and at a perfect age. I remember my first mission trips like they were yesterday, they have always been fresh in my heart, you can't replace memories like that.

Hmmm, I am SURE we can come up with some easy fundraising options...I will keep thinking on that one and get back to you!

LOVE YOU!!! Congrats on getting to go back, that is such great news. PS...I miss you like crazy!!


I am so excited to hear about your trip. I often think...What else can I do? I will be praying for your trip and for God to open some doors while you are there.

By the way, I am so glad the girls get to go.

J, A, T and Y said...

Hey Amber.....just checking in on has been a long time! Your trip sounds AMAZING. I have to say I wish I was going and can't wait to go on a trip like that soon!!!! Many prayers for you and your family!

dan and rachel said...

awesome, amber! what amazing stories you will have to share when you return!

Erin Sager said...

what an incrediable journey for you all, I will be sending many prayers...We stayed at the Ethiopiam Guest house and love everyone on the staff...Give them big hugs for me.....

Leah Reeves said...

Let me know the dates because we are expecting to travel to pick up our little one in January! How cool if we are there are the same time!!!!!


Cyndi said...

How exciting! I'm so glad you will all be able to go! Luke and I just returned from Addis about 4 weeks ago, doing some work with our non-profit and meeting our LP pastors there. It is great to go back, and God is so faithful to provide so many ways to serve there. I can't wait to hear about your trip!