Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it Christmas?

Rick got an unexpected gift today...I lost my voice. Ha ha!

I can barely talk and I am very congested. I thought I wouldn't feel like this until after I traveled. I went to the doctor 2 days ago but am going to try to get in tomorrow because I have gotten progressively worse. Please pray for Rick and I to be completely healthy so we can travel.

I also got a gift today in the mail. I got a cute notebook to journal in while in Ethiopia and an awesome pair of leopard print shoes for Ayana from Rickey and Jess! I love both! I agree jess, a girl can never have too many shoes. Thank you so much. We love you!

We spent the whole night getting together last minute documents for our embassy apt. and I am going to go to bed now and try to get some sleep before I start a day full of packing.

Only one more day before we leave! Wow! I'm coming sweet Pea!


Angela said...

How exciting! I hope you get your voice back very soon!

Domestic Goddess said...

LOL! An unexpected gift, that is so funny!!! I hope the doctor can help get you on the mend fast so you can be in prime shape to travel. I am so happy the journal and shoes arrived in time, I completely forgot Monday was a holiday. WE LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! What an exciting time for our family! Good luck on your to do lists and getting everything accomplished before Thursday. I know I will talk to you before you leave but just know that we will be praying every step of the way!

Lindsay said...

Now Rick won't have to listen to you complain during the long flights...guess he wont need those earplugs after all?! You will be back in swing before you know it after you see the doc. I miss you & Rick already and you haven't even left yet! Savvy and I will be sure to send you the picture from our WILD parties we have planned while you and Ricardo are gone! LOL

dan and rachel said...

i am so excited for you!!!! i hope you feel better soon! sending up healing prayers for you!

Autumn said...

We are praying for your health and we will be praying for all 3 of you the ENTIRE time you are there. We love you and pray for guardian angels to surround you all!